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Fit the Bill When You Need Versatility

Penguins need to adapt to keep cool. One of the many ways they accomplish this is by flushing blood through their feet and flippers. That’s why, on warm days, you will notice that their feet have turned a bright shade of pink. Plus, when they are really hot, penguins pant! Sound familiar?

At Air Professionals, we understand that, for some homeowners, the quest for reliable, efficient and affordable air conditioning can feel like a never-ending quest. Some homes lack the ductwork required for traditional central air conditioning systems. For these homes, adding ductwork can be extremely expensive or even impossible to accomplish. If you’re one of these homeowners, you need to find a way to adapt. Luckily, your feathered friends at Air Professionals have the solution: ductless mini-split systems.

This Choice Is Super Chill

Ductless mini-splits are the affordable answer for homes that don’t have ductwork. They are quiet, easy to install and extremely energy efficient, costing up to 40 percent less to operate. They do a superior job of improving indoor air quality, reducing indoor contaminants that enter homes through ductwork. But that’s not all. Ductless systems feature built-in air filtration that helps cut down on dust, pollen, allergens, bacteria and other particulates.

These tiny powerhouses are perfect for older homes that were built before central air conditioning was common and for homes with brick exteriors and plaster walls. They can cool specific rooms in your house, too, including an office, den, sunroom, screened-in porch, workout room, playroom and more. They are compact and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.

We’ll Protect Your Home, Your Budget and Your Comfort

The cool techs at Air Professionals have the training and experience to size up your home and recommend the mini-split system that is just right for you. We can coast on over with a system that’s energy-efficient, easy to operate, dependable and affordable. We’ll use our HVAC smarts to install your system to perfection. We’ll treat you and your home with the courtesy and respect you deserve. When our work is done, your home will be spotless. Plus, we’ll be more than happy to waddle back regularly with our cost-saving maintenance plan to extend the life and reliability of your system year after year—for years to come.

The team at Air Professionals understands that purchasing a new AC unit is a major expense that can put a significant crack in the family budget. That’s why we offer affordable financing to warm your heart and put your money worries on ice. Plus, our team is so confident in our top-shelf products and impeccable services that we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. How cool is that?

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