Why is My Home Too Humid?

If you find yourself sticking to your faux leather couch this summer, you might have high levels of humidity in your home. Right before you run to the store to buy a portable dehumidifier for each room in the house, it is better to find out why your home is too humid.

It is not because of the heat, but the air conditioner…

The most obvious answer is your climate. Some areas of the country, like New Jersey, are more prone to hot and humid conditions. Other factors, like cooking, taking a shower and running your clothes dryer can all contribute to moisture issues, especially if those areas are not properly ventilated. Water leaks, either from inside sources or from the outside, can add another layer as well, according to the EPA.

Let’s assume that you have vent fans in your kitchen and bathrooms, your clothes dryer is properly vented to the outside, and interior/exterior leaks are under control. That leaves us with … your air conditioning system. 

Controlling humidity through central air conditioning

A properly sized and installed central air conditioning system, by design, acts as a dehumidifier for your home. However, even with central air, you may find that your home is still too humid. Here’s why:

Reasons why your home may be too humid 

  • Oversized Air Conditioning System; it will quickly cool your home then shut off, not allowing it enough “cycle time” to dehumidify properly.
  • Undersized Air Conditioning System; it will run and run and run, never able to keep up with cooling or humidity control on a hot, humid day.
  • Your AC system is not properly charged/leaking: if your AC system is low on refrigerant either due to a leak or improper charging/installation, it won’t be able to keep up with cooling or humidity control.
  • System or airflow too high: if the airflow is too high going through the indoor unit, the air is not in contact with the cold indoor coil long enough to remove moisture from the air. 

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